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Boulevard Plaza

Boulevard Plaza real estate development will build on the elegant architectural mix that surrounds Burj Dubai Boulevard. The towers are inspired by the veils and layers of traditional Islamic architecture and will be made of glass, metal and stone skin. They will bend inwards as they rise to form two deep-shadowed arches offering sweeping views of Downtown Burj Dubai. Boulevard Plaza 1 will have only a maximum of four tenants in the exclusive office floors from Level 8 to 33. The top three levels will serve as spacious executive full floors while the lower and podium levels will have a mix of offices, retail facilities and parking spaces.

         Level 8 - 21                            
         Level 22                             
         Level 23 - 4BR                            
         Level 24 - 4BR                            
          Level 25 - 4BR                               
          Level 26 - 4BR                                
          Level 27 - 4BR                              
          Level 28 - 4BR                              
           Level 29 - 4BR                              
           Level 30 - 4BR                              
          Level 31 - 4BR                              
          Suite 32 - 4BR